Theatrical/Film Composition Portfolio


The Pillowman was presented at The Spot in Ketchum, ID during the spring of 2017.  The production was directed by Yanna Lantz.  The original score was inspired by electronic music, horror movie scores, and children's lullabies.  


The World Premiere of Birds of East Africa by Wendy Dann was presented by the Kitchen Theatre Co. in Ithaca, NY in February 2017.  The Production was directed by Rachel Lampert.  The original score was inspired the musical textures and rhythms of Africa, while the instrumentation reflected the play's settings in Las Vegas and New York City.


Grant recently visited his alma mater Ithaca College as guest artist-in-residence with the Department of Theatre Arts & School of Music.  As part of his residency, he composed & recorded an original suite for ballet.  In a Particular Way was conceived and choreographed by Amy Walker O'Brien.  The music was self-recorded by Grant in a living room at Medicine Tree Farms while his former college professor was at class.  In a Particular Way was presented as part of the Department of Theatre Arts' mainstage dance concert in December of 2016.  Listen to Grant's music below. 


Angels in America Part I: Millennium Approaches was produced by THE SPOT in Sun Valley, ID January 2016.  The production was directed by Freddie Harris & Brett Moellenberg.

The score was inspired by the clashing ideologies throughout and explores the alternating use of organic piano sounds & computerized synth work.  

selected cues:

photos by Daniel Leeds


boom was presented at the Bridge Theater in New York City.  It was directed by Drew Weinstein.  The score was inspired by electronic music and, of course, the apocalypse.  


Illuminated Bodies

Illuminated Bodies was an evening of original dance and music choreographed by Amy O'Brien & Lindsay Gilmour.  Grant collaborated with Amy O'Brien to produce an original ballet score for Piano, Cello, Clarinet, and Flute.  The ballet was comprised of two pieces.  Momentum was an exploration of movement & repetition through movement and music.  The score makes use of heavily repetitive rhythmic structures and employs frequent use of irregular time signatures to highlight the feeling of 'momentum'.  Once Upon a Time was a playful expression of love as explored through the lense of circus animals.  The score takes inspiration from jazz, vaudeville & circus music.
Illuminated Bodies was presented by Ithaca College Theatre Arts in the fall of 2011.  

excerpts from Momentum (live):


photos by Sheryl Sinkow


excerpts from Once Upon a Time (live):


In Your Own Skin is a short film directed and written by Ethan Burnette.

selected moments: